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The Art of Intuitive Symbology - Digital Book

The Art of Intuitive Symbology - Digital Book

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'The Art of Intuitive Symbology - By Cherianne Dawn
- A homage to a lost language of energetic vibration & it's practical application'

Cherianne guides you through amazing personal discoveries, in how she came to tap into such an unchartered area of energy work within her art. She takes you on a fascinating journey as you explore and understand how she came to realise her intuitive alignments, their intentional purpose, and the expansive healing effects of this life-changing art form.

- A 100 page book, that features an indepth introduction to understanding symbology, practical methods of how to use energetic symbols, and includes photo illustrations, with many examples of intuited alignments taken from the pages of Cherianne's journals.

- Includes free artwork 'A Path to a Life Less Ordinary' & 'Abundance Flow' cosmic alignment paintings, PDF sent to via email 

  • Realising the magic and life force of vibrational energetic alignments
  • Symbolic alignments for remote Healing
  • Channelled conversations diving into the alignments, understanding their intention and application
  • Looking into the ancient creation of Sigils
  • The importance of connection and trust in using the intuitive method of symbology
  • A detailed look into the varying ways connecting, how to support yourself and environment in the clearing process of raising your vibration 
  • Development of Neo-Shamanic Tattooing, and revealing the connections with ancient practices and symbols for energetic healing
  • Pages from Cherianne's books of alignment symbols and intentions, to use and investigate for yourself

“An engrossing, page-turning read. This book and Cherianne's work in her symbology is laying paths ahead for this unique and conscious energetic practice. Exploring her creative intuitive skills as an artist to help `empower and align others with this gift, and the higher healing possibilities for the world ” - The Monomyth Collective

“Her book feels intimate, like a chat with a friend yet there’s a science to it, how Cherianne channels and that symbology is not just an ancient/forgotten thing, it’s fresh and actively living” - Koti Art

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